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 MILK-EASYTM Inflation Adaptors have been advertised in Dairy Herd Management, Midwest Dairy Business, Dairy Today, Western Dairyman, The Milk Messenger from MMPA, Hoard’s Dairyman, and Country Folks Publication, to inform dairymen across the country, They can be purchased through your local dairy supplier, Westfalia-Surge dealers, The Nasco Farm and Ranch Catalog, MMPA milk hauler, or by ordering direct from Johnston Products.

Regular:  Fits inflation heads of 2" diameter or less.
  (Most DeLaval and Westfalia)
Large:  Fits inflation heads over 2" diameter.
  (Most Surge, Bou-Matic, Nu-Pulse, Universal, Chore-Boy and Conde styles).

 To order direct from Johnston Products, please Call us at +1 517 546 6271. Or order by e-mail: Include the following information with your order:

    Type of inflation or liner used
    Quantity of adaptors needed
    Your name, address, and phone number

The price of the MILK-EASYTM Inflation Adaptors is $8.50/ea. plus shipping and handling. Your order will be shipped with an invoice payable upon receipt.

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