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   Slow-milking quarters often occur when the milking vacuum causes the inflations to move up on the teat during milking. On some teats, as the inflation gets close to the udder, the milk canal becomes pinched and the milk flow is completely or partially restricted. Milk EasyTM Inflation Adaptor enable fast and complete milkout of slow milking quarters by positioning the inflation lower on the teat. This keeps the milk canal open for improved milk flow. They may also help on some treat abnormalities due to minor injuries or inherited defects.

 To use, simply hold the adaptor on the inflation head while the milkcup is attached to the problem quarter. The milking vacuum will hold the milkcup and adaptor in place until the quarter is milked out. The flexible tabs inside the adaptor bore gently, holding the adaptor on the teat when the vacuum is shut off and the milker is detached. It can then be easily removed by hand, rinsed off, and stored for next use.

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